Build your ”Smappon!.”-it's so easy

“Smappon!” is the new way to stay in touch with your clients and customers. It is a user friendly system applicable to all kinds of smartphone. No downloads. No passwords. It looks like an app for your customers. We realized an innovative system easy to sign-up, reducing the development and running costs.

your business all starts with a "Smappon!."


You can choose every kind of useful information for your customers such as “one-click-buttons” linked to your phone number, business hours, Facebook, etc


You can share your Smappon! It’ s easy to share by QR-code, SNS,E-mail etc.


-No need of download! -No need of setting password! -It doesn’ t take disk space left! It looks like an app for your customers.

about Smappon

Use scenes

Ideal for various location!

For variety of industries

For business connections

If you are an entrepreneur or a salesman, you can show your “Smappon!” as a mobile business card with all your contacts such as telephone number, e-mail and social accounts.

An advertisement tool

As a mobile business card – you can provide every information such as business hours, access map, social network accounts in just one page.

A tool for your credibility

By providing your “Smappon!” page as a customer support page or how-to-use manual, you can build credibility with your customers and it will help you gain new customers.

Smappon Illustration

Hakata Gion Yamakasa

The Hakata Gion Yamakasa is a traditional festival in Fukuoka, Japan with a history tracing back to more than 700 years. During the festival, 200 to 300 million people visit Fukuoka city every year.The Hakata Gion Yamakasa is currently using Smappon! By using Smappon!, the spectators can easily learn about the history of the festival and also check all of the schedules.

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1 month free

At the time of registration, all users get one month for free.

300point per month

Payment is done through a point charge system. Uses need to purchase points beforehand in order to use. At the time of registration, all users get one month for free. Register now and try it out!

Price: 300 point / per month

1000point = $12


The payment is a point charge system.

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You only need your email address.

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