About fees
How to create your account
How to make a Smappon! page
How to cancel Smappon! membership
Account settings and management

About fees

Q. How can I pay fees for usage?
A. You can pay with Smappon!’s Point purchase system.
You can purchase Smappon! points in advance and use them in monthly basis.
(300 point / per month)
(1000point = $12)

Q. When do I receive points after my point-purchase?
A. You will receive them immediately.

Q. Will I be able to request any invoice?
A. We don’t issue invoices.

Q. Do I consume monthly points even when my Smappon! page has been closed to public?
A. Yes, the monthly fee will be charged regardless of the current status of your page.
 After you spend all of your prepaid-points, the point charge system will stop using pre-paid points.

Q. Are there any initial costs or other kinds of payments other than monthly fee?
A. No initial costs needed. There is no additional cost besides 300 JPY of monthly fee, which is worth 300 prepaid points.
However, there is an exception as following.
Then when do I pay for other costs other than the regular monthly fee?
-    When you manage more than one Smappon! account.
You can have additional daily Smappon! accounts to your main Smappon! account. In this case, we will ask you to pay 10 prepaid points per day. It costs only when the additional accounts are open to public.
Q. What happens if I use all of my prepaid points?
A. The Smappon! pages will be closed automatically.
Your Smappon! page information will not be deleted and will be used again after your purchase.

Q. Do my customers using my Smappon! page have to pay any fee?
A. No, only Smappon! page owners will pay the monthly fee, not the visitors.

Q. Does the monthly fee change depend on how many viewers have bookmarked my Smappon! page on their home screen?
A. Monthly fee doesn’t change no matter how many viewers you obtained. You can recommend your Smappon! page to as many customers as you want.

How to create your account

Q. Will I be able to use Smappon! page only a certain period of time?
A. Yes, you can use Smappon! page only while you want. However, the points you purchased will not be refunded regardless.
Q. Will I be able to use Smappon! outside Japan?
A. Yes, Smappon! page can be used overseas as well. However, customer support is provided only in Japan

How to make a Smappon! page

Q. What is the size for header banner?
A. The preferred size is 720px width x 260px height.
You can make it easily utilizing our Smappon! header banner tool. You can also do it with your smartphone.

Q. Can I change the font style or font color?
A. You can simply put texts. To perform easier accessibility, the font style and color can’t be changed.

Q. Is it possible to use Smappon! page only among limited members?
A. Yes, you can set a password and give it to certain members to browse your Smappon! page.
You can also set a valid period for the password and they don’t have to re-enter it every time.

* The password will protect the entire Smappon! but not adoptable to only specific pages.
* You can’t put different passwords depending on the customers.

How to cancel Smappon! membership

Q. How can I cancel Smappon! membership?
A. You will find the “withdraw” banner in the Smappon! dashboard. All of your data will be deleted after cancellation request.
Please note that the discarded data can’t be restored.

Account settings and management

Q. Can I manage a Smappon! account with two different e-mails?
A. You can register only one e-mail address to a Smappon! account.


Q. How can I distribute my Smappon! page to my customers?
A. You can introduce your Smappon! page showing the QR code provided on the dashboard or you can send the link via e-mail, SNS or mobile messengers.

Q. Can I change URL of my Smappon! page?
A. You can’t choose or change your Smappon! URL. It will be allocated automatically.